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Native app that works with your installation wherever you are. Download the latest iOS and Android app on the App or Google Play store absolutely free of charge. Including native push notifications so you will never loose a customer again.

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HelpDesk 3 App Support

Download our IOS and/or Android native app to connect to your HelpDesk 3, absolutely free. Our apps communicate through your server, privacy is important to us.

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Native Apps for iOS and Android

Native Apps what can they do?

Not in your office? Stay connected anytime with our native apps for iOS and Android.

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Chat Anywhere

Serve your website visitors anywhere with our native apps for iOS and Android. Invite and chat wherever you are, do not use while driving.

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All features you know

The mobile app has all features you need, chatting, standard responses, share files, redirect or transfer clients, speech to text, copy, quote, edit and remove.

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Push notifications

Get notified with native push notifications on new client or message. Simple to use and thanks to our push server you have full control over your messages.

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Its free

The app can be freely downloaded from the app store and connects to your server. Privacy is important to us. If you need the app branded with your own company, it's no problem, we offer that as an additional service.

Chat like a Pro!

Fast and intuitiv chat conversations how it should be.

We have taken great care to design the app so that you can work with it anywhere, quickly and intuitively. Even when you're on the move, you don't have to miss out on any of HelpDesk 3's features!

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Over 50 amazing features

The app has all you need, chat with your website visitors everywhere, copy, paste, quote, edit, redirect, transfer, share files and even speech to text are only a few features included in our amazing app for iOS and Android.

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Fast and Secure

Our app is fast, secure and most importantly your privacy is guaranteed. The app will communicate through your server so all data stays in your hands and will not be shared with any third party!

Live Chat Apps
Live Chat App

Get all the possibilities of our live chat directly on your phone and completely free of charge.

Why? Simply because we love our customers, we love you! We also know how important it is to be mobile these days. HelpDesk 3 is available to download from both the App Store and Google Play Store.